Frequently Asked Questions

What is Better Business eLearning?

Better Business is Law of the Jungle’s ground-breaking compliance training program. Our content is purpose-built to generate learning and behavioural outcomes for the entire team. Our scenarios are industry-specific, highly engaging and drive real learning. Want to see our technology in action? Click here to request a demo.

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Who is it for?

Better Business is built specifically for every team member. Our content is expertly translated from up-to-date laws and regulations into engaging scenario-based material that drives real learning and behavioural outcomes in the team. Our interface is built for easy and effective control by administrators. On the whole, our solution is designed to generate a high performance from the team.

Do you need any legal background to be able to use it?

Absolutely not! Better Business translates the legal requirements into easy-to-read scenarios built for non-lawyers. Our content is short, memorable and effective.

Can I try it before I purchase?

Yes you can! We can provide an easy-to-access demo to anyone interested in Better Business.

How is Better Business different from other compliance training programs?

The biggest difference between Better Business and other programs is the content. We don’t jam our material with legal jargon or long-winded blocks of text. Better Business is legal expertise that is translated into effective learning content that drives real behavioural outcomes for the user. Our legal and technology experts have purpose built Better Business for individual learning and massive business benefit.

Is Better Business accessible from anywhere?

Better Business can be accessed across most major web browsers and also from tablets.

Can Better Business be adapted for my particular company?

Absolutely! We can adapt industry specific content to your particular company, complete with your brand’s name and logo within the modules.

Does Better Business provide content for overseas jurisdictions?

Yes. Our team of dedicated legal analysts conduct research into overseas jurisdictions to extract the legal knowledge from any region. Our learning experts then embed this legal know-how into the program for our global clients.

How long does it take to set up Better Business?

Better Business can be adapted and implemented in as little as two to three weeks.

Can Better Business integrate with our existing learning management system?

Yes. Better Business can seamlessly integrate with existing LMS.

Can I customise the program for particular teams?

Yes. Better Business administrators can set different learning paths for different teams. Administrators can also set different pass rates and customise their content.

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