Better Business e-Learning

Free your teams to fulfil the goals of your business – by guiding them through the legal and regulatory goal posts.

Give them what they need.  What they need to know.  What they need to do.

Clear, in context, on point. Anywhere.

High positive impact

Better Business takes compliance protection to a new level of practical and operational effectiveness.

It puts a laser gaze on what your teams need in order to address compliance demands … in the real life context of pursuing business challenges.

Better Business is designed for high positive impact for high performance enterprises.  Compliance protection.  Business outcomes.  Behaviour.

Protection against the threats to your business

The program focuses squarely on the threat, how to recognise it and what to do about it.

In compliance learning the challenge is risk recognition.  You need your teams to spot the circumstances which raise the risk and spell trouble.

And you need them to be confident about how to respond.

This is not just about knowing the law.  It’s about having strategies:

  • to avoid even the suggestion of colluding with competitors
  • for responding to a colleague’s distress over alleged harassment
  • for knowing when and how to ‘come clean’ and admit fault
  • for being proactive around safety and duty of care

High performance and how to achieve it

Better Business understands the business domain and the daily pressures.  That’s the context that makes Better Business work.

Our program exists to enable stellar business outcomes – not to inhibit them.

Better Business enables business and gives confidence.

  • What does it take to win an exclusive tie-in with a supplier?
  • How can a distributor be terminated without risk of a law suit?
  • When can you enforce promotional incentives?
  • How can you set your own workplace expectations?
  • Can you enable the team to take on more responsibility for compliance?
  • As a manager, what do I need to be most worried about?

The best performing managers refine and practise their answers to these kinds of questions constantly.

It’s about behaviour

Better Business is compliance learning designed to impact on the choices your team makes in the critical moments.

So its success is measured very tangibly.  By what they do – or don’t do.

Being about behaviour and the awareness that prompts it, the program is highly structured around essential learning principles.

Don’t be fooled by the lightness of touch!  Program content is architected to refine targeted behavioural outcomes.

We apply a risk and relevance rating to each learning element, weigh each carefully and make explicit choices around explanation and emphasis.

We prioritise reinforcement of the most critical messages for lasting effect over the number of messages.

We even document these structural choices to enable easy customisation for those clients that wish to consider it.

Easy administration

With Better Business, what you see is what you get. No coding is needed to edit emails or make content changes.

Our technology maintains a comprehensive administrator interface, variable and distributed admin levels, and easy user self-help and password management.

Administrators can set custom refresher periods, pass rates and learning paths for different users. All data can be easily exported to excel and other data bases.

Data, audit and reporting

Better Business gives you an almost limitless view on how you are performing.

Our technology provides comprehensive data and reporting in the form of combined user results, certification reports, field feedback reports, question statistics, specific user-related statistics, email reporting and advanced search.

User dashboards

Better Business creates a personalised and seamless learning experience for each user.

Our features include a user dashboard, personal history, bookmarking, embedded tutorials, industry specific scenarios and subjects. Our content is also adapted to our clients and their specific industry challenges.

Agile business

Better Business is more than compliance training.

Our technology drives business performance through intricate features like bookmarking, automatic results capture, real-time results, notifications and reminders, induction emails variable pass rates and learning paths. Better Business seamlessly integrates with existing learning management systems.

Better Business does not cram complex legal references or lawyer jargon. Our content is purpose-built for long term learning.

Effective compliance learning

Better Business drives highly effective compliance learning and behaviour.

Our program provides users with engaging questions randomly generated from relevant sets, an extensive user feedback guide, matrix reporting and images embedded as part of the learning experience.

Better Business is compliance training that generates a high-performance culture. It lets users recognise issues in context, reinforces key learning and informs not just the threats, but how to address them.

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